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We work with you to create balanced spaces to help you live in a functional environment that supports you living your best life.

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“I cannot say enough good things about Room Redefined. They have transformed my home and the way all of us function within it. We started with the mud room/laundry room, moved on to my office and then tackled the kids’ rooms. The results have been amazing.”
—Shannon A., Castle Rock

Above and Beyond

Organizing For Schools


Room Redefined is the only company offering services designed to help educators move from one school site to another, along with organizing classroom spaces.

Success in Design

Increase your students’ learning potential with a well-designed school environment. With a success-focused layout, your classrooms will enhance a child’s education. My uniquely customized designs will improve your students’ ability to learn without distractions by rearranging classroom spaces.

Reorganizing Schools

An Organizational Nightmare

Transitioning a school to a new site isn’t an easy task; however, with my expertise, you’ll be able to make the move a smooth process. We create an environment that honors your school’s mission and values, as well as maximize items from the previous space to meet your needs in the new space.

Schools in Transition

Did You Know….

Your stress level is directly proportional to the amount of stuff in your home? Let us help you be more productive, less irritable and less distracted in your space!


Percentage of items people keep that are never used


Percentage of Americans overwhelmed by the amount of clutter


Percentage of Americans that have no idea what to do with their clutter

Hours per year spent looking for misplaced stuff

Additional hours per year spent looking for digital documents


Amount of housework eliminated when home is organized

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About Erin


Owner and “Redefiner-in-Chief”, Erin Gaskins is a changemaker and professional organizer. For 25 years, she worked to impact lives through service in the public education sector, while practicing her love of organization, styling and design on the side.

Room Redefined grew out of that side project and is now a full-scale professional organization and styling company serving the Colorado front range from Fort Collins to Boulder to Castle Rock. Erin brings her passion to this business, bringing change to the lives of others through how we function at home, at work, or at school.

As a trained educator and professional organizer, Erin understands the value of re-organizing learning environments to benefit students’ needs. She knows that the same holds true for any organized space: proper organization improves productivity and efficiency.

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