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Transitions Can be Difficult

Downsizing is an emotional time of transition. Given the years of memories that have gathered in one’s home – from treasured photos and travel souvenirs to heirloom furnishings and jewelry – when it comes time to pare down, it’s hard to know just what to let go of and what to keep.

It’s a process that can be overwhelming, not just physically, but emotionally. Picking up one item can bring a flood of memories along with waves of joy or sorrow.

Need Help with Downsizing or Moving?
Receive Considerate, Empathetic Support from Room Redefined

Receive Considerate, Empathetic Support

At Room Redefined, we offer highly personalized, empathetic support so that you and your loved ones feel seen and heard. After all, as you sift through your cherished memories, you want to know that your belonging are valued and respected.

Having a judgement-free professional facilitating the move allows you to maintain a healthy relationship (vs. a potentially volatile one) with your family throughout the process. Get assistance with our team of professional home organizers in Denver today!

You Can Count on Room Redefined

How We Can Help With Downsizing

Compassionate support sorting through belongings to determine what to keep, sell, give away or donate.

Strategic packing and organizing so that unpacking in the new place is easier, hassle- and stress-free.

Help hauling away unwanted items.

Assurance that treasured items are securely packed and moved carefully.

Assistance coordinating for an estate sale.

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Whether you’re faced with a situation where you or your parent(s) needs to move unexpectedly OR it’s something that has been planned, now is the time to start downsizing. Room Redefined can help.

We do so with compassion and concern for you, your family and the memories you all share. Email erin@roomredefined.com or call us today at 720-934-4214 for your free consultation. We’ll discuss your needs, hopes, budget and time frame to customize a highly personalized solution and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with the process.

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