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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services right for me?

Are you successful in your life or business, but feeling stuck when it comes to organizing your home? Are you feeling like you are ready to tackle some of the projects in your home, but just don’t have the time? Do you want your home to reflect your best self rather than stress, distraction or embarrassment? Do you want to declutter, organize or change the style in your space, but you just don’t know where to start? Are you committed to making these changes?

If any of these ring true, let Room Redefined do what it does best to free you up to do what you do best!

Shouldn’t I be doing this work myself? What will people say?

Firstly, all work with Room Redefined is completely confidential. While we appreciate your testimonials and recommendations, we respect your privacy! Second, work with Room Redefined is judgement free. With today’s dynamic lifestyles, we all have to make intentional decisions about how we commit our time. The choice to work with Room Redefined brings a new level of priority to the functioning of your home, and allows you to address your organizational needs in a productive, efficient and focused manner.

What should I expect during a home organization session?

Each organizing session is hands on, requires a high level of energy, commitment and focus. Room Redefined comes alongside you for each session to help you remain open to change and keep your “eyes on the prize”.

When working in a space, Room Redefined follows a sequence of 1) decluttering, sorting and editing in order to determine which items should remain in each space, 2) developing organizational systems and strategies, 3) making styling decisions so the space reflects your personality.

What if I need organizing products or solutions?

Room Redefined will not make final product or solution recommendations until decluttering and sorting of items has taken place. At that point we can discuss the best solutions for your space. At your request, Room Redefined can source products, create custom shopping lists, do the shopping, and provide or coordinate installation.

What about the stuff I no longer want?

During our decluttering sessions Room Redefined will support you in determining which items you no longer want, and then deciding if they should be sent to trash, donation and/or sold. Room Redefined can also provide donation drop off of items no larger than a car load, and arrange for sale of items on Craigslist, eBay, Next Door or through a garage sale.

How should I prep for our work?

DO NOT prep for our work by cleaning up your space(s). Seeing your space in its typical condition helps us know how to best support you in your individual organizational needs. DO complete your new client questionnaire, prioritize the work you want to focus on, commit to the process and get excited for what your space(s) are about to become.

Do you ever work in my home without me?

Due to the nature of the work in decluttering and developing organizing solutions, Room Redefined must work alongside the client to make sure the results are personalized to the clients preferences and needs. Once these phases are complete, Room Redefined is able to source, install and place your items in the new space even if you are not there (as preferred by the client).

What if my style is different from yours? Do all of the homes you work on end up looking similar?

Room Redefined believes that each client has their own “organizational” style, just as they have their own designing preferences or fashion sense. Our goal is to help your space truly feel like “your space” just a better version of it than when we began. That is one of the reasons that Room Redefined has each client complete their new client questionnaire and works alongside the client to complete this work. Room Redefined also offers follow-up maintenance sessions once our main work has been completed. These sessions focus on checking in on the functioning of your spaces to make sure the systems we have created are really working for you and are able to be sustained. The end result? Spaces in your home that look like you, feel like you and provide an environment where you can live your best life!

“I just wanted to thank you. You are such a gift!! Having you help me the past few weeks has felt like a miracle – I’m not kidding. You are so gifted. Your intuition, creativity, resourcefulness, and overall kind spirit lifted me. I feel free in my own home in a way that I never have before…”
– Kelli P., Lowry