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Who We Are

At Room Redefined, we believe in transforming lives through organization and making a positive impact along the way. We serve clients in Denver, Colorado, as well as across the Denver Metro Area. Click here to see a full range of cities we travel to.

How We Help Denver, CO Residents

We work with you to create balanced spaces to help you live in a functional environment that supports you living your best life.

Your stress level is directly proportional to the amount of stuff in your home, so let us help you be more productive, less irritable and less distracted in your space!

Room Redefined | Professional Organizers in Denver

Gain Mental Clarity Through Organization

Cleaning & organizing can give your physical space a reset while also giving you mental clarity. Achieve a fresh perspective to help you be more productive in your space.

When things are not right in our environments it can cause our bodies to release what is commonly known as the “stress hormone” or cortisol. It is our body’s way of letting us know that something is not right.

Medical studies show us that order and organization in your environment can provide benefits like:

Boosting energy and productivity

Improving focus

Reducing stress and anxiety

Improving sleep

Helping with weight reduction

Improving financial health

Improving relationships

Allows you to feel more in control

It’s time to clear out the clutter and start fresh with a clean, organized space!

Our Professional Organization Services

We Provide Organization Services For Everyone!


From cluttered kitchen pantries to messy garages and basements full of boxes, Room Redefined transforms your stressful space into a serene one through our professional, home organization services.


Whether it’s sorting your belongings, strategically packing your space, or planning and organizing your set-up and unpacking, let us eliminate the stress of the moving process for you!


We’re here to help you with everything from decluttering your space before your remodel, coordinating with contractors, and setting up a temporary living space to assisting with design solutions.


Do you need help with strategic packing and organizing, hauling away unwanted items, or coordinating an estate sale? Get assistance with our team of professional home organizers in Denver today!

School Organization

Ready to increase your students’ learning potential and productivity, reduce disruptive behavior, and decrease stress and anxiety? We provide highly customized organizational support and planning for schools!

School Transition

If you’re in the middle of a school transition, we can relieve you of moving responsibilities, maximize items from the old space to meet your needs in the new space, and do the heavy lifting and strategic planning for the move so you can focus on programming, staffing, and your students.


Whether it’s moving your business to a new location, designing effective work spaces, creating easy-to-access filing systems, or decreasing workplace clutter, our skilled team of professional organizers are here to help you reclaim your office space!

Ready to Transform Your Space?

It’s time to take your space back so you can focus on what matters most. We’re here to walk you through the process and take the weight off your shoulders.

Reach out to Room Redefined in Denver, Colorado for organizing and styling solutions fully customized to your unique needs.

Let’s make your space reflect your best self.

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“Erin and the team at Room Redefined are compassionate and patient! Nothing involving working with me seems to overwhelm them. They are SO PATIENT and so willing to work with my budget, my style ideas, my concerns, etc. They hold me accountable in such a kind way. They are so respectful of our home, our family, our things, our lifestyle. Everyone loves it when they come over – they have impacted all of us.”
—Kari K., Denver

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