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Photo Release

The undersigned enters into this Agreement with Room Redefined, LLC (“Organizer”).  In consideration for Organizer’s agreement to provide organization services in my home or business, I agree to the following:

1) I understand that the Organizer and its employees, independent contractors, licensees, or assigns may choose to take photographs or videos of my property and premises while providing organizing services to me (“Images”). While all efforts are made to keep identifying information out of the photographs, I understand that this is a practical impossibility. Organizer will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the physical location of my premises is not disclosed through the Images. I understand that some Images may be taken while I am not present. I give permission to Organizer and its representatives to take Images while providing services to me, including those not taken in my presence. 

2) I understand that the Organizer shall have a copyright to all Images. In the event that Organizer is not able to obtain copyrights for the Images or any portion of the Images, I hereby grant the Organizer the pre-paid, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive right to use the Images as provided herein. This copyright and license grant includes, without limitation, the right to edit, mix or duplicate, and to use or reuse the Images in whole or in part as the Organizer may elect for its own business purposes, including without limitation on the Internet, in written materials, in presentations and workshops, and in investment materials. I also grant the Organizer and its designees the right to broadcast, perform, display, exhibit, market, sell and otherwise distribute the Images, either in whole or in part, and either alone or with other products, for commercial or non-commercial television or theater, social media, NFT, closed-circuit exhibition, home video distribution or any other business purpose that the Organizer, its licensees and assign, in their sole discretion, may determine.

3) I confirm that any portrayal of my property or premise or derivative created thereof will be made in good faith and in a way that is respectful to me; however, I acknowledge that Organizer may portray my property and premises in the manner it considers appropriate in its sole discretion. I will not have an opportunity to give input on the Images and their portrayal. Organizer agrees that it will not at any time use my name in conjunction with the Images. I, therefore, waive and release any claims, including future claims, that I may have arising out of or related to damages, losses, injuries caused by the Organizer’s use of Images for the purposes described herein. 

4) Organizer is not obligated to produce or distribute any portion of the Images.  

5) In consideration of all of the above, I hereby acknowledge receipt of reasonable and fair consideration from the Organizer.

I have read the foregoing and understand its terms and stipulations and agree to all of them.