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Erin Gaskins

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Room Redefined is a leading professional organizer in the Denver, CO professional organizers directory on Click here to view Erin’s Profile.


Room Redefined was recently featured in the Redfin article The Best Decluttering Checklist to Curb the Clutter: 16 Actionable Tips from the Experts. Check out Tip #12 to read Room Redefined’s advice.

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Read Erin Gaskins’ guest blog post on ‘Felt Right’!

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Discover how Erin Gaskins started Room Redefined, the challenges she had to overcome, and more!

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Erin Gaskins
Inspection Report Network

Inspection Report Network

Room Redefined was recently featured in Inspection Support Network’s article Home Organizing Before Selling: Tips from the Experts. Erin talks through the question How can I get my family on board with decluttering?

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Client Testimonials

“I just want to say thank you for helping me get a vision of what an office could look like in my house. And thank you for helping me re-configure the rooms to make that vision happen. I cannot begin to see all the details you see. And all the details that go into a business that you understand have put me in a direction this past year that have held my new business together.

I was going to invest in some job/life-coaching next, but decided that I just need you back soon. to talk through my next steps. You are incredible to talk with about the direction of my business, which has its foundation in how organized I am at home. You’re one of a kind.”

– Janie S., Littleton

“I had just purchased a new house when a friend urged me to meet with Erin and try out her services. I’d never hired an organizer before. Erin is that and more! She gave me ideas for completely overhauling my new office, things that I would never have thought of, and I adore the space now; it’s exactly what I wanted (without being able to describe it). But this week I discovered something even better. Following my move, my papers were extremely disorganized. Erin worked with me to create a better system for managing paper and helped me get my existing work organized. This week, I needed to put my hands on many little-used documents in a hurry. In the past, that would have been enormously stressful. Now, I knew exactly where everything was and it took no time at all. So grateful to Erin and Room Redefined!”

– Elaine G., Castle Rock

“Erin was crucial in helping Worldmind get our facility ready to open in August 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic we had to change our original plans for the opening of our elementary school quickly. We found a facility just a few weeks before we were scheduled to start in-person classes. Erin found us furniture and supplies and arranged to have everything delivered and installed. Our facility would not have been ready by the time students started if it weren’t for Erin. She was very organized, professional, and created beautiful spaces for our students.”
– Megan P., Director of Worldmind Nature Immersion School
“Erin is the most compassionate and patient person EVER! Nothing involving working with me seems to overwhelm you. You are SO PATIENT and so willing to work with my budget, my style ideas, my concerns, etc. You hold me accountable in such a kind way. You are so respectful of our home, our family, our things, our lifestyle. Everyone loves it when you come over – you have impacted all of us.

I also love all your ideas and how you source project materials and bring me choices and I don’t have to set foot in a store unless I want to. I also love that you are so good at measuring things and that you have an eye for detail. I also LOVE that you have ideas for things I would never even dream of… I also love that you make things happen!

When you come pictures get hung up, bins get sorted, clothes get where they need to go and at the end you take everything away that needs to be gone!!! That is the most gratifying part – saying goodbye to the stuff and then having you take it right away!!”
– Kari K., Denver

“You and your services are desperately needed in this world!! I’m so so glad I got in at the beginning and so proud that I can see the transformation of your business. Thank you for bringing beauty, calmness, sanity, and organization to our home and to our lives!! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and I look forward to working with you for many years to come!!!”

– Mrs. K, School Counselor, Westminster

“I have been completely thrilled with Erin. She is professional, creative, and extremely helpful. She has wonderful ideas about how to address specific needs in my home and is a pleasure to work with as we go through what would normally be an unpleasant task. My office and laundry room are now completely different spaces and I cannot thank her enough for helping me get there!”

– Shannon A., Castle Rock

“You have no idea how having you today transformed my whole world view to feeling happy and in control. Thank you so much for all you do!”

– Meredith C., Arvada

“There is rarely a day that goes by when I am not keenly aware of the gift of your talents with our house in terms of decor as well as function. Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

– Pam J., Boulder

“Erin has a knack for paying attention to what matters to you and streamlining it in a way the helps you enjoy it more and gain more usefulness from it! Thanks for helping us use or space in a way that’s truly redefining!”

– Jeff G., Dallas

“I just wanted to thank you. You are such a gift!! Having you help me the past few weeks has felt like a miracle- I’m not kidding. You are so gifted. Your intuition, creativity, resourcefulness, and overall kind spirit lifted me. I feel free in my own home in a way that I never have before. … I just don’t want to live without your help and guidance. My sister and I both think you are an Angel.”

– Kelli P., Lowry

“You are like a personal trainer for my house!”

– Jessica P., Hilltop