“The Total Package” Luxury Organization Assistance


All of our organization maintenance support services to keep your spaces functioning at their prime all day- every day- with never a worry about cancellation fees! We pre-set a monthly schedule so you can always count on the support when you need it.

Specifics: Standard package includes 48 hours a month / 12 hours a week

* can be customized to fit your project/scheduling needs. Contact Erin Gaskins at (720) 934-4214 or Erin@RoomRedefined.com to learn more.

Room Redefined only serves certain cities in Colorado. View our areas of service here.


Ways we can support you:

  • Services extend to you and your immediate family households.
  • Basic household tidying up (dishes, laundry, pick-up, spot clean) -not deep cleaning.
  • Seasonal wardrobe, home, yard, and space prep.
  • Calendar management and scheduling assistance.
  • Reservations, tickets.
  • Holiday set-up/take-down, gift- shopping, wrapping, mailing, card ordering and mailing, event assistance.
  • Dog walking/ grooming and veterinary arrangements.
  • Vacation packing/unpacking.
  • Running personal errands.
  • Medical appointments for you and family.
  • Keeping you, your family, and your home functioning.
  • Delivery management.
  • Coordination of other tradespeople and referral partners.
  • Shopping.
  • Supervise and direct the job duties of other household staff and contractors.
  • Ordering groceries, pick-up, put-away, kitchen and pantry maintenance.