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“Let’s Remodel” Package

Complete the transformation of your space and simplify the process with Room Redefined’s “Let’s Remodel” package.  Through in-depth surveys and in-home consultation, Room Redefined will develop a customized plan to streamline your home remodel.  We will provide customized support to you as needed for clean-out of unwanted items prior to your remodel, strategic packing and coordination with movers to remove items from space if necessary, unpacking, and development and installation of organizational systems and structures for your new space.

*Prices vary according to size of project and needs and will be fully discussed and agreed upon prior to work initiation. A 25% deposit is required to book time and begin work. Please note that greater collaboration from the client and adherence to timelines is essential so work can progress as scheduled.

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Personalized Remodeling Packages from Room Redefined

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Want to make sure your clients have their homes prepped and ready for your work to begin? Want to maximize the value your clients experience in the new spaces you provide them? Do you have clients that are excited to have their spaces remodeled, but overwhelmed by the temporary impact it will have on their lives?

Professional organization support from Room Redefined brings that intermediary support to you and your client so you can focus on your project, they can focus on maintaining lives and the process can feel smoother and stress free.

5 Star Reviews from Our Clients

“Room Redefined has a knack for paying attention to what matters to you and streamlining it in a way the helps you enjoy it more and gain more usefulness from it! Thanks for helping us use or space in a way that’s truly redefining!”
– Jeff G., Dallas

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