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Residential Service Packages

Whole Home/Whole Life Organizational Plan

Room Redefined stands out in their ability to transform lives through organization. Do you love those Instagram-worthy spaces, but just don’t know how to accomplish that look in your space? Do you feel like you could be more productive, more focused, more efficient if only your spaces weren’t holding you back? Are you ready to have your home support you in doing what you do best? Room Redefined’s “Whole Home/Whole Life Organizational Plan” is the first step to making these dreams a reality.

The most difficult step in any journey can be knowing where to begin. That makes this package the necessary first step to any organizational journey! Through in-depth surveys and a free, in-home consultation, Room Redefined will get to know your unique hopes, dreams and challenges. We will then provide a roadmap for you documenting what it would take to create an organized home. We will show you where to start, how to proceed (step-by-step and space-by-space) so that you can live an organized life in your home. We will include general product suggestions and tips to keep in mind.

This plan then allows you to determine where you can take on some of the work and where you want the pros to step in and bring on the full support! From current state to clear end goals- you will know how to accomplish your dreams and have experts to come alongside you as you wish!

Whole Home/Whole Life Organizational Plan from Room Redefined
Up to 2000 sq ft$320
2000 to 4000 sq ft$400
4000+ sq ft$480

“Bring on the Organization” Package

As our most popular option, this package is full-service organization. Based on your Whole Home/Whole Life Organizational Plan, Room Redefined will take over any steps in your organizational process so we can transform your space from its current state to be beautiful and functional. This will include all steps of the organization process, from coming alongside you for decluttering of your items, coordinating removal of unwanted items, sorting, categorizing, creating customized organizational systems, installation, labeling and working with you and the rest of your household to make sure the systems are meeting your needs.

*Prices vary according to size of project and needs and will be fully discussed and agreed upon prior to work initiation. A 25% deposit is required to book time and begin work.

“Bring on the Organization” Package from Room Redefined

“Bring on the Organization” Customized

For those of you who want some of the benefits of full-service organization, but also want to take on aspects of the project yourself, we offer a customized version of our “Bring on the Organization” Package.  Just like the regular package, we will work with you to determine your dreams and desires for your space(s), but then work with you to modify the full-service package to only include the items you want the pros to take on.

*Prices vary according to size of project and needs and will be fully discussed and agreed upon prior to work initiation. A 25% deposit is required to book time and begin work. Please note that greater collaboration from the client and adherence to timelines is essential so work can progress as scheduled.

“Bring on the Organization” Customized from Room Redefined

Monthly Maintenance Package

As we live our lives, our demands on our spaces change. Room Redefined wants to help you maintain the organization you have worked hard to achieve! Subscribe now to guarantee monthly support for your spaces. This package is available to existing Room Redefined clients who have previously completed organizing projects with us and wish to receive ongoing support in maintaining those spaces. Offer good only on spaces previously organized by Room Redefined.

Pricing: 6 hours/$480/month with a commitment of at least 6 months. Additional monthly hours can be purchased at a 10% discount. Your subscription purchase will include a link to book your monthly sessions on our calendar at your convenience.

Monthly Maintenance Package from Room Redefined

Organizing Support Package

With the Organizing Support Package, Room Redefined provides a helping hand to the organizing projects you already have underway. Available to those who have purchased our Whole Home/Whole Life Organizational Plan, this is a budget-friendly option to allow a “Room Redefiner” to come alongside you at stages of the process.  You will gain a helping hand, targeted advice, support in decision making, additional product recommendations and donation haul away (up to a carload for each session). All support packages require a 4-hour minimum.

Prices start at $320

Organizing Support Package from Room Redefined
“I had just purchased a new house when a friend urged me to try out the services of Room Redefined. I’d never hired an organizer before. They are all that and more! They gave me ideas for completely overhauling my new office, things that I would never have thought of, and I adore the space now; it’s exactly what I wanted (without being able to describe it).”
— Elaine G., Castle Rock