Do You Own Your Stuff or Does Your Stuff Own You?

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Is Your Living Space Unbalanced?

You put something in a spot where you’d remember. Now, you need it and you can’t find it. You open a closet or cabinet and are overwhelmed by how much you have to sort through to find what you want in there. Sound familiar?

Taking care of your home, family, and career is a lot to juggle. It’s not surprising that something becomes unbalanced and that something has been your living space.

You didn’t mean for it to happen. You thought you were neat and organized. But now your stuff is taking over your home… you can’t find things… you feel overwhelmed, not to mention, embarrassed. Maybe you’ve even stopped inviting friends to your home because of it.

Is Your Living Space Unbalanced
Create Spaces that Support Your Lifestyle

Create Spaces that Support Your Lifestyle

When you feel disorganized, it affects your mood, your productivity, your relationships, and so much more. There is a solution – a highly personal, customized approach that transforms your space into one you enjoy stepping into each and every day.

You don’t have to do it alone. The skilled professionals at Room Redefined support the development of a healthy relationship between you and your belongings. With our Whole Home/Whole Life approach, we create functional, beautiful spaces that feel calm and uncluttered.

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Provides calm and reduces stress.

Helps you take charge of your belongings.

Enhances family time.

Makes things easy to find, every time you look for them.

Increases your productivity.

Supports you in simplifying and living your best life.

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Whether it’s a pantry in your kitchen or a basement full of boxes, Room Redefined transforms your stressful space into a serene one. Focus on what you do best and let us do the heavy lifting.

No cookie-cutter solutions here – everything we do is highly personalized. Our focus is on you – who uses your space, what needs to be in the space and how you want it to function and feel. Then, the journey begins with our Whole Home/Whole Life approach.

In order to craft a sustainable organization solution customized to your specific needs, hopes, budget and time frame, take the first step in your organizing journey by emailing or calling us today at 720-934-4214 for a free consultation.

“When you come pictures get hung up, bins get sorted, clothes get where they need to go and at the end you take everything away that needs to be gone!!! That is the most gratifying part – saying goodbye to the stuff and then having you take it right away!!”
—Kari K., Denver