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An Organizational Nightmare

Moving a school from an old site to a new one can be a cumbersome, not to mention overwhelming, experience. While you’re in the midst of organizing the move, packing and unpacking, you still need to pay attention to your school’s programming, staff, and students.

Introducing Room Redefined. We are the only company offering a service designed specifically to help educators move from one school site to another as well as organize their classroom spaces.

A trained educator for 25 years, Erin Gaskins and her team create educational environments that support your school’s unique vision while boosting the academic achievement of the children who attend.

Organization Can Help Your School In Transition

You Can Count on Room Redefined

How We Help With The Transition

Relieves you of the moving responsibilities so you can focus on what you do best.

Creates an environment that honors your school’s mission and values.

Maximizes items from the old space to meet your needs – and those of your staff – so they work well in your new space.

Does the heavy lifting and strategic planning for the move so you may concentrate on programming, staffing, and your students.

Reach Out to The ONLY Trained Educator Turned Professional Organizer

Erin and her team of professional organizers provide highly customized organizational support and planning when moving to new school sites.

If you’re a school administrator, PTA member, or a teacher, it’s time to bring in a professional organizer to assist in changing the visual presentation of your classroom settings. It may sound like a large, expensive task, but with the help of a professional organizer it can be done simply and within budget.

There is only one company – owned and operated by a trained educator – that can help you.

Take the first step by emailing Erin erin@roomredefined.com or calling us today at 720-934-4214 for a free consultation.

“Room Redefined was crucial in helping Worldmind get our facility ready to open. With the COVID-19 pandemic we had to change our original plans for the opening of our elementary school quickly. We found a facility just a few weeks before we were scheduled to start in-person classes. They found us furniture and supplies and arranged to have everything delivered and installed. Our facility would not have been ready by the time students started if it weren’t for them. Room Redefined was very organized, professional, and created beautiful spaces for our students.”
– Megan P., Director of Worldmind Nature Immersion School

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