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Did you know that a well-designed primary school environment can increase students’ success up to 16% in a single year? That’s what the HEAD (Holistic Evidence and Design) Project revealed in a report titled “Clever Classrooms.”

Changing the classroom layout or even the displays on the walls can make a difference in enhancing a child’s education. With that in mind, are you doing what you can to ensure your classrooms are designed for success?

Have you rearranged classrooms, display areas, colors on the wall? You may feel that you do not have the time or resources to get it done. Yet you know it’s impacting students and you want to do something to improve the situation.

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Increase students’ productivity.

Reduce unwanted, disruptive student behavior.

Decrease stress and anxiety.

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Erin and her team of professional organizers provide highly customized organizational support and planning when re-organizing existing classroom spaces or delivering teacher in-service training.

If you’re a school administrator, PTA member, or a teacher, it’s time to bring in a professional organizer to assist in changing the visual presentation of your classroom settings. It may sound like a large, expensive task, but with the help of a professional organizer it can be done simply and within budget.

There is only one company – owned and operated by a trained educator – that can help you.

Take the first step by emailing Erin erin@roomredefined.com or calling us today at 720-934-4214 for a free consultation.
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– Kari K., Denver

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