Did you know that organization is not only good for you, but good for the environment? Organization is sustainable because it cuts down on overconsumption and prevents duplicate purchases because you’re more aware of what you have. 

Also, when you declutter and organize, you help others by donating and you’re more able to invest in higher-quality products. When you have solid organization solutions in place, and you’re not buying things just to buy them- you’re able to save money and invest in higher quality products.

So, what are some steps you can take to move toward a more sustainable organization? Let’s talk about it:

Opt for eco-friendly organizing solutions

When choosing storage solutions, look for eco-friendly options made from either renewable or biodegradable materials, and avoid any products that contain harmful chemicals and dyes. 

Bamboo, recycled plastic, glass, stainless steel, cotton, wool, and wicker are all great options. Whether you’re looking for storage bins or baskets, food storage, bathroom storage, etc – all of these materials are durable and sustainable, but also versatile. 

Sometimes, though, plastic products are the best option for spaces and budgets and it’s important to remember that plastic doesn’t always equal “bad,” but it’s the careless use of plastic that hurts the environment. 

Before purchasing plastic storage options you need to first…

  1. Do the work to declutter
  2. Understand exactly what you need to store
  3. Know what products will work best for your space 

When you partner with Room Redefined, we take the time to walk through every stage of organizing so that when we purchase plastic products, we know they work for the space and your needs. 

The right plastic products are durable, come in many size options, and are clear which allows you to see the products inside which reduces the chance of losing or overbuying items – making them a good, sustainable investment!

Repurpose existing storage or containers 

Instead of buying new containers for storage or organization, reuse items you already own. You can get creative with this one by repurposing old crates or wood pallets into storage units. Shoe and jewelry boxes make for a great dresser drawer or under-the-bed storage, and glass jars can be reused to organize small items like pens and pencils. 

This not only reduces waste but also can add a flair of personality to your home!

Declutter & donate

Decluttering and donating items you no longer need or use is one of the best ways to reduce waste and overconsumption. 

When organizing and decluttering, consider donating items that are no longer needed to places like Ridwell and Junk Trunk. This not only reduces waste but also supports local communities. 

Along with thoughtful decluttering and donating, focus on mindful consumption. You want to think about purchasing long-lasting items and be conscious about what you bring into your home. 

Reach out to Room Redefined in Denver, CO today for sustainable organizing and styling solutions.