The holidays are here, and while it’s a time for celebration, joy, and loved ones, for many of us it also brings with it an extra dose of stress. Juggling events and gatherings, gift shopping, and the countless other activities that come along with this festive time—all while struggling to maintain a regular schedule—can make even the merriest individuals feel overwhelmed.

But here’s the thing- there are ways to have stress-free holidays and be able to just sit back and enjoy. Read on to find out our top tips on how you can experience all the festivities without getting lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Give Yourself Limits

The holidays often come with so many expectations whether it’s events, giving, gatherings, etc. Something you can do is give yourself limits as to what you would like to participate in (and then stick to it).

Doing this will help you avoid over-committing which will lessen the stress and pressure, allowing you to actually enjoy your holiday season.

Prioritize Tasks and Keep Things Simple

Make a list of what needs to get done, establish what is most important, and stick to that. Remember that it’s okay to simplify things to make it easier on yourself, as well as less time-consuming. Whether it’s buying cookies or pies from the local grocery store instead of baking or keeping your home decorations on the minimal side – do whatever you need to allow yourself time to enjoy.

Accept (Or Ask for) Help

If someone offers to host, babysit, or just lend a helping hand, don’t be afraid to accept! There’s also nothing wrong with asking for help from a trusted friend or family member, either. Doing it all yourself will end up exhausting you, and will leave you feeling like you didn’t get to enjoy any of the holidays yourself.

You can even bring in a professional to help with things like organizing and decorating, so you can get back more time to do what you love! Click here to see more of what we can help you with.

Limit Shopping Trips

Don’t do all your shopping in one day- spread it out over a few days or weeks to reduce the stress of being in a time crunch.

Also, if you’re looking to spend less this holiday season – focus on homemade items or baked goods for gifts this year.

Plan Downtime

Finally, and maybe most importantly of all, plan downtime for you and your loved ones. Holiday schedules can get hectic and tiring, and scheduling nights in allows you to spend time with friends and family while also allowing you some time to rest and recover from the festivities.

Stress-Free Holidays Are Achievable

Remember that ultimately the holiday season is a time to celebrate with those you love, and not about stressing over ever-growing to-do lists. If you’re looking to bring in some extra help this holiday season so you can spend time making memories, reach out to us today for an extra set of hands!