It’s about that time- summer is coming to a close and it’s time to prepare for back-to-school season!

To ensure a successful school year, it’s important to set up your space for a seamless transition from summertime to schooltime. In this article, we’re going to break down everything from setting up space for academic success, summer to fall transition, and organizing your home for the new season.

Setting up Spaces for Success

Now that school will be in full swing, one way to set up your kiddos for academic success is by establishing homework and study spaces. This will create an environment that encourages focus, creativity, and organization. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Find the Perfect Spot

When selecting the ideal spot, try to find a quiet and well-lit area in your home that is free of distractions like devices, foot traffic, etc. A corner in the living room, a spare room, or even designating a nook in their bedroom are great options!


Next, you’ll want to stock the homework station with all the necessary supplies to ensure they have everything they need and also to prevent interruptions during study time.

Stock up on pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, calculators, art supplies, and anything else you know they’ll use frequently.

Extra tip: try to stay stocked on things like card stock, markers, and other craft supplies so you’re always prepared for a last-minute project.

Organization & Storage

Now that you’ve found the ideal space, and stocked it with supplies it’s time to organize! Keeping everything tidy and neat is a surefire path to success and efficiency when it comes to homework and studying.

Here are some tips to help you keep your homework station organized:

  • Keep homework and study supplies well-organized and easily transportable with the help of a caddy or rolling cart. This is a simple yet effective way to stay on top of things and keep everything easily accessible.
  • Maximize efficiency by utilizing backpack hooks. With this simple addition, you can keep clutter at bay and ensure everything is easily accessible when you’re ready to start your day in the morning. It’s a perfect way to get a head start on a stress-free morning routine!
  • Make use of storage bins for supplies that are used less frequently. This simple practice will not only prevent overwhelming piles from forming but also effectively minimize clutter. By organizing your belongings in this way, you’ll create a more neat and orderly space, ensuring that everything is easily accessible when you need it.
  • Transform your space with the addition of shelves or wall organizers for a clutter-free and organized environment. Here’s an extra tip to up your organization game: label folders, books, and papers to effortlessly locate anything you need without digging through piles.
  • Create efficiency by assigning dedicated homes for everything using trays and cups. Specifically, smaller items such as pencils, pens, and glue sticks should each have their own designated spot to keep things from getting lost or creating clutter.


Add some personalization to encourage creativity by allowing your kids to decorate their study spaces with pictures, art, quotes, etc. A personal touch will add a fun and inviting element to your space while letting your kids unleash their imagination.

Changing up and redecorating your space regularly can also be a great source of inspiration and motivation for your kiddos.

Establish a Routine

Create a well-organized routine to bring order and harmony into your and your kids’ lives. Make use of calendars, sticky notes, dry-erase boards, chore lists, etc to ensure nothing gets forgotten. Embrace the power of organization and everything will flow more smoothly.

Summer to Fall Transition

Along with Fall comes not only back-to-school routine switch-ups but also weather changes and the holiday season!

This is the perfect time for a closet clean-out and transition to get your family ready for the colder months! Start with a Summer closet clean-out to purge anything that doesn’t fit or can be donated to create more space for the Fall wardrobe.

Next, it’s time to switch out those Summer tanks and shorts for Fall and school clothes! If you’re able to, consider storing Summer items in plastic bins or another location like the garage or a spare room to make more room for the current season’s items.

Keeping Everything Organized

With the new school year and Fall season comes extra items like bulkier clothing, sports equipment, and school supplies like backpacks and lunch boxes. The key to keeping everything organized is by designating a specific space for everything, and a mudroom fits the bill perfectly!

You can transform a simple mudroom into a drop-off space for backpacks, books, sports equipment, and anything else. Not only does it serve as a designated drop-off station, but it also ensures that everything you need is conveniently located by the door, saving you from scrambling when it’s time to leave.

In Conclusion

However you decide to organize your home and study spaces, an efficient space and organization system is the key to a successful school year for your kids!

Ready to take your organization to the next level this semester? Reach out to Room Redefined and let’s get started!