Guest Post By: Jessica Edwards

After a long winter cozied up inside, it can be a thrilling experience to finally squint into the rays of sunlight and watch icicles melt into spring. But for us it’s also the perfect chance to revamp your home flow in your favor.

During the winter our circle of activity tends to shrink as we spend much less time outside and fully utilize the great indoors. The systems of organization that you relied on during bad weather or snowy car trips to school and work, can now expand.

5 Spring Tidying Tips for 2023


1: Start in Storage

From coat closets to the trunk of your car- organizing less visible storage spaces can be a time saver for later in your cleaning process. Make room in garages by adding labeled storage bins for categories. Utilize stackable containers for winter clothing and accessories, and install wall  hooks for snow shovels and brushes.  Update your laundry room with numbered baskets and once you’ve gotten organized add a pop of color like a curtain or skirt over sinks or storage areas.

2: Control Office Clutter

Like many trends, open shelving or minimalist desks can look great until there’s cords and memos spilling onto the floor. Consider using vertical space with a magnetic memo board, which can look as chic as it is functional. Hiding unsightly equipment like modems, cords or bulky storage behind accessible doors of cabinets can also rejuvenate a space and make it safer for traffic and easier to live with. 

Another product we love, and use all the time for our spaces are these felt wall tiles which can add a lot in the way of design but also help manage sound and make busy spaces more peaceful and less overwhelming.

3: Kid Level Cleaning

Kid spaces can be an aesthetic challenge. Toys in the hallways, art supplies on the kitchen table and a days worth of laundry on the floor can be tough to wrangle. Proximity is so important when storing kids things, so be sure to store them as close to where they’re going to be used as possible. Use easy to open/close large open bins or baskets to hold toys and games, and supply kids with plenty of hooks for hanging up their play clothes, outdoor jackets and bags.

Of course every kid has works or art they love to show off. When you run out of room on the fridge, put artwork and other accomplishments on display with these amazing little picture frames that allow you to store AND display artwork at the same time!

4: Prep Your Kitchen

Kitchens may be the busiest hubs in homes. Chances are good it’s in a state of anarchy. Just remember we may not always be tidy as busy parents, but that makes it all the more important to have good underlying organizational systems so there is a place to put things away when we want to tidy.

Clean out refrigerators and add snacks and drinks to the doors and more visible areas of the fridge to make them more accessible. Invest in labeled containers for fresh snacks and drinks that are consumed more often, and consider consolidating space with stackable storage for bulk items like flour, beans and pasta.

Add vertical dividers for your shelves to add more storage in a short amount of time

5: Get Some YOU Space

One thing we often compromise on when we’re homebound during winter is individual spaces. Now that you can use the outdoors again, set aside somewhere just as you like it. Whether that be the office, the garden, bedroom or a sunny chair on the porch- make sure there is a space that caters to your needs and is ready for relaxation with a favorite book or blanket. 

Consider starting off the warmer months with a new concept of effortless functionality, and organize your home for the way you want to live. If you need a hand, that’s exactly what we’re here for. Where does your home stand for spring? Try our free home assessment to see how organized you feel your home is, or you can book an appointment with us to work on your space together.