The new school year is back in full swing and we all know what that means – the holidays are on their way. Holidays can be a stressful time, but a little pre-planning and organization can help make them less stressful so that you can actually enjoy the time with loved ones.

Declutter & Decorations

First thing first- it’s time to get the decorations ready. As you start pulling out Halloween decorations this month, take the opportunity to set yourself up for success for the following holidays. No matter what you celebrate – whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc. – now is the perfect time to comb through last year’s decorations and assess what you no longer need. In doing this, you can maximize your storage space by getting rid of unnecessary decorations and holiday items and making room for new decorations.

Home Preparation

Now it’s time to get your home decluttered and ready for the decorations, guests, and festivities. A great way to stay organized is to make a list of tasks for things like cleaning, decluttering, shopping, and decorating. You can even organize these tasks by space: kitchen, living room, guest rooms, etc.

Storage and Organization

Ready to get organized for the coming months and holidays? Here are some storage and organization ideas to make your holiday experience stress-free:

  • Designate a gift-wrapping station where you can store everything from paper, wrapping, ribbons, and other supplies. Take advantage of any vertical space you have and use hanging door storage for items like wrapping paper, small gift bags and boxes, ornament hooks, and any other small holiday necessities. Make sure to stock up on these items beforehand to stay ahead of the game and avoid a last-minute scramble.
  • Utilize a rolling cart for baking supplies. Holidays usually involve lots of baking which means lugging around endless supplies, frantically searching for ingredients, and a mess in the kitchen. To avoid all of this, store all your supplies in one place using a rolling baking cart. This will not only keep everything organized but will also make access easy since you can store it in a corner or pantry and roll it out as needed.
  • Make your holiday storage organization a breeze by color-coding your containers (clear bins are the best choice). This way, you can quickly locate items wherever you store them without the hassle of sifting through every box or bin in sight before you find what you actually need. Don’t forget to label each container with its contents so you’ll always know exactly where to find what you need when it’s time to take down your decorations.

Holidays can be a chaotic and stressful time, but it’s so important to remember that in the midst of all the scheduling and organizing you should allow time for yourself to actually enjoy your time with loved ones. Sometimes this can look like consciously considering what you schedule and the expectations you have for yourself so you can focus on the times as well as the details. You can even intentionally schedule “time off” or “self-care” for yourself so you have a chance to relax and catch your breath.

Yet another way you can give yourself the gift of time during the holidays is to bring in support to help you stay organized during the holiday chaos. Partnering with professionals you can trust to help you to accomplish your long list of tasks can help you have the “space” to enjoy your holidays all the more!

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