Spring is approaching and it’s the perfect time for new beginnings! In this blog we’re giving you a Spring Cleaning how-to guide walking you through decluttering, cleaning, and a few organization tips. 

Not only does a good Spring Clean give your physical space a reset, it also gives you mental clarity, providing a fresh perspective to take on the rest of the year. It’s time to clear out the clutter and start fresh with a clean, organized space!



The closet is a great place to start because as the weather warms up, it’s time to pack away all those heavy, Winter clothes and make space for the lighter, Summer pieces. 

As you go through the items in your closet, make one pile for Winter things that will get put away for the next year, and make another pile for things you’ve outgrown or that you know you just won’t wear next time around. Your future self will thank you for doing this ahead of time! 


Believe it or not, dust accumulates in your closet, especially because it’s not typically an area we think about cleaning very often. Make sure to dust off any shelving or other surfaces, vacuum or sweep floors, and even wipe down the walls if needed. 


Now comes the fun part! To organize your closet, get rid of extra hangers to make more space (or store them somewhere else if you don’t want to get rid of them). Purge anything that you haven’t worn in a year, anything that’s too small, or just anything that doesn’t feel like YOU anymore. Looking for a place to donate your clothes? Check out our sustainable referral partners: Ridwell and Dress for Success, or if you’re looking for a place where you can ship your items for consignment, try ThredUp. Lastly, consider organizing your clothing by category and color to make things easier whenever you’re in a rush. 



The bathroom is an area of the house that can quickly become jam-packed with all kinds of products and toiletries. Decluttering is a great opportunity to sort through everything and decide what to keep, what to donate (or throw out if it’s expired), and what to relocate to another area of the house. Make sure to go through areas like medicine cabinets, makeup drawers, and linen closets. 


Usually, our bathrooms get a good cleaning once a week or so, but Spring Cleaning gives us a chance to really do a deep clean.

A good place to start is the bathtub/shower: remove everything, including products, shower curtain, bath mat, etc, and throw what you can in the washing machine. Give everything else a good scrub, including any residue buildup on your products. 

Now, for the toilet. Use a toilet bowl cleaner and a brush to really scrub the inside toilet bowl, rim, and seat. A good tip is to let the cleaner sit on the inside of the bowl while you clean the outside of the toilet. 

Finally, make sure to wipe down all surfaces, including countertops, floors, and even the doors and walls (that’s where steam buildup from the shower loves to accumulate). 


Bathroom organization depends on your preference, but we have a few ideas to help keep everything nice and tidy!

If you need extra space, invest in a rolling cart or extra shelving where you can store toiletries, towels, etc. Another great way to keep all your smaller items like makeup, tools, and hair pins organized is with a countertop or drawer organizer. Lastly, another space solution is adding more hooks for things like towels, bath robes, and over-the-door organizers. 

Kids Spaces


When it comes to kids’ spaces, whether it’s their bedroom, playroom, or both- doing a deep declutter can be so beneficial! Go through things like toys, games, books, and even decoration, making piles of what stays and what goes. If you’d like, you can invite your kids to participate in the decluttering process – this allows them to take ownership of their space and makes them more likely to keep things tidy. 


Once these spaces have been decluttered, you can start the deep-cleaning process by dusting all the surfaces and light fixtures. Then you can move on to things like vacuuming, cleaning the bedding, and sanitizing toys. 


Now that everything has been cleaned, it’s time to organize! This is a perfect time to rearrange any furniture and change out things like rugs, curtains, and decor for the Springtime. 

A great way to keep kids’ items neat and tidy is by storing books, toys, and games in plastic bins. Opt for either stackable, clear bins, or bins that can slide in and out of shelving. This not only keeps things organized, but easily accessible, as well. 

You can also make use of the walls and vertical space by investing in bookshelves, wall organizers, etc.

What’s Next?

Looking for more Spring Cleaning tips & ideas? Check out our other Spring Cleaning and SPACE articles. If you’re searching for a professional organizer in the Denver area, contact us here.